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Soka City

Events in Our City in November

Update : 2022-12-5

November 19 and 20: International Harp Festival

The festival was held in Soka-shi Bunka Kaikan (Soka City Culture Hall).
Various harps, including a rare Baroque harp of the Medieval Age and grand harps, filled the hall with beautiful harmonies.
An audience said, "I felt refreshed by the music of harps.I was especially impressed with the coordinated performance of the energetic accordion and the delicate harp."

International Harp Festival
The first performance in the world of five pieces specially composed by the special guest "coba," accordion player, for the duet with Ms. Shinozaki

International Harp Festival
Mayor Yamakawa celebrates Ms. SHINOZAKI Ayako, harpist, for receiving the Soka City Culture Award 2022

International Harp Festival
"Kiku-no Hana-no Matsuri (Chrysanthemum Flowers Festival)," composed as the theme music of the festival has been played for 34 years since the 1st festival.

International Harp Festival
Th humorous talk and performance of the special guest Mr. AOSHIMA Hiroshi, composer, creates excitement in the hall.

International Harp Festival
Ms. TSUIZAKI Rinne tries playing the harp displayed all the year round in the hall.
"It's fun to try playing the harp that I saw in the concert."