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Present State of the City's Finance in FY 2021

Update : 2022-8-22

The present state of the city's finance in the fiscal year 2021 is made public to make clear how tax, paid by citizens, is spent.
The figures show the estimated amounts, and may differ from the settled amounts.
The figures in the tables are rounded off and may not correspond to the total amount.

General Account

This is the account to operate various services in our daily lives, including welfare, medical care, child raising and community development.
The city tax is used mainly in this account.

  • Income (Revenue): 98.78 billion yen
  • Outgo (Expenditure): 89.90 billion yen
  • Balance: 8.88 billion yen*

* Deducting the operation cost of 3.25 billion yen which was carried forward to the fiscal year 2022, 5.63 billion yen is to be the balance.


  • Present amount of budget: 106.81 billion yen
  • Determined amount of income: 98.78 billion yen
  • Income rate: 92.5%

City tax

Determined amount of income:37.55 billion yen(Income rate:103.7%)
City tax and fixed property tax paid by citizens

National treasury disbursements

Determined amount of income:23.53 billion yen(Income rate:87.3%)
Charges and subsidies granted by the national government

Bonds issued by the city

Determined amount of income:9.38 billion yen(Income rate:60.8%)
Debt for the purpose of the maintenance of the public facilities

Balance at the beginning of the fiscal year

Determined amount of income:58 billion yen(Income rate:100%)
Balance carried over from the fiscal year 2020

State subsidies of consumption tax to municipalities

Determined amount of income:5.29 billion yen(Income rate:102.1%)
Part of local consumption tax which was divided proportionately to municipalities


Determined amount of income:172.3 billion yen(Income rate:99.9%)
Money given by the prefectural government, usage fees of public facilities, local allocation tax, etc.


  • Present amount of budget: 106.81 billion yen
  • Determined amount of outgo: 89.90 billion yen
  • Execution rate: 84.2%

Welfare budget

Determined amount of outgo:42.61 billion yen(Execution rate:89.1%)
Expenses for welfare for children, senior citizens, disabled people, social securities, etc.

General affairs budget

Determined amount of outgo:12.49 billion yen(Execution rate:66.8%)
Expenses for the maintenance of the government buildings, taxation and collection of city tax, the management of family registers, etc.

Civil engineering budget

Determined amount of outgo:10.37 billion yen(Execution rate:81.1%)
Expenses for roads, rivers, parks, land readjustment, etc.

Sanitation budget

Determined amount of outgo:8.11 billion yen(Execution rate:88.8%)
Expenses for preventive inoculation, garbage disposal, etc.

Education budget

Determined amount of outgo:6.08 billion yen(Execution rate:77.1%)
Expenses for education at elementary and junior high schools, public halls, libraries, etc.


Determined amount of outgo:10.24 billion yen(Execution rate:97.8%)
National debt service expenditures, fire brigade charges, commerce and industries expenses, etc.


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