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Remind Yourself of Actions in Time of Flood

Update : 2022-8-5

Flood is a kind of disaster in which damage can be reduced by preparations in advance.
Collect weather information from TV and from the Internet, and upgrade your preparation.

Draw Your Timeline

What Is a Timeline?

Timeline is an action plan to draw in advance, confirming actions of each of the family and of the time to evacuate, so that you can stay calm in case of emergency.

hazard map
You can draw your timeline on page 30 of the hazard map.

Video to give you explanation

What Should I Do for Evacuation Information?

Evacuate to a safe place if the evacuation information of the alert level 4 is announced.
If you need time in evacuating, start your actions at the alert level 3.

Alert level Actions to take Information about evacuation and weather Announced by
5 Take best possible actions to protect yourself. Emergency safety measures Soka City
4 Evacuate from dangerous places, you and all the others. Evacuation instruction Soka City
3 Start evacuation if you need time in evacuating. Evacuation of the elderly, etc. Soka City
2 Confirm the place and route of evacuation, as well as the preparation. Heavy rain, flood or storm surge advisories Japan Meteorological Agency
1 Pay attention to the latest weather information. Probability of warnings Japan Meteorological Agency

How Do We Collect Information?

From TV (the "d" button), from the website of Soka City, from Twitter or whatever is convenient for you

Information Sending Tools of Soka City

The video to show you how to collect information

Watch Out for Fraud Taking Advantage of House Repair

Watch Out for Fraud Taking Advantage of House Repair
Warning! Suspicious!
"If you use the insurance, you can have your house repaired free of charge."

In the season of torrential rain or typhoon, you may be solicited "If you use the fire insurance, you can have your house repaired without the self-payment on your side." After making a contract, you make an application at the insurance company to find out the insurance money is not granted, and are charged a lot of money instead. This kind of trouble may increase in number.

  • Never make a contract on the spot, and talk with the insurance company or its agency.
  • If you make a false application, stating the damage by aging degradation as damage by natural disaster to receive an insurance money, you may be asked to return the insurance money or to cancel the contract, or even worse, you may be tried for fraud.

In Case You are at a Loss, dial

Soka-shi Shohi Seikatsu Center (Soka City Consumers Center)
Tel.(048) 941-6111
Shohisha (Consumer) Hot Line Tel.188