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Soka City

Panel Exhibition of Peace

Update : 2022-6-20

"Atomic Bombs and Human Beings"

Materials related to peace will be exhibited, including photos showing the terrible sights of Hiroshima City and Nagasaki City after bombing, the Origami object "Flapping for Peace," DVDs and books.
The aim is to show the actual state of war and damages, and to pass down to the next generation the importance of peace and the preciousness of life.
The exhibition will be co-staged with the Peace Network Soka.


June 29 (Wed) ~ July 4 (Mon)


Chuo Toshokan (Soka City Library)


Jinken Kyosei-ka (Human Rights and Gender Equality Section)
Tel.(048) 922-0825
FAX(048) 927-4955