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Free Health Checkups for the Citizen 40 years or Older

Update : 2022-5-20

Have a FREE health checkup to prevent lifestyle-related disease at the designated medical institutions between June 1 (Wed.) and December 16 (Fri.)

Lifestyle-related disease, due to carelessness about one's health, is a horrible disease causes mortal symptoms.
Soka City carries out Specific Health Checkup for citizen between the ages of 40 and 74 who are enrolled in National Health Insurance and another Checkup for the citizen who are enrolled in Post Elderly and Disabled Medical Insurance of 75 years and older.
Soka City will send the envelope enclosed a consultation ticket to the eligible citizen.
If you receive, take a checkup soon.
* The list of medical institutions is below.

Checkup Period

June 1 (Wednesday) ~ December 16 (Friday), 2022

  • Even if you are not worry about your condition now or have a confidence for your condition as you are usually taking exercise, you may be suddenly suffered lifestyle-related disease such as myocardial infarction or stroke and so on.
  • This sickness has no obvious symptoms at first, so health checkup for early detection is a good way to prevent the disease.
  • According to the result of your check up;

Results of Medical Checkups (National Health Insurance members)
If you, between 40 to 74 yrs old, are judged as metabolic syndrome based on the checkups; your abdominal circumfence is 85 cm (men) or 90 cm (women) and over and besides one of the results of three tests of htperglycemia, dyslipidemia and hypertension is outside of the reference value.

We recommend having a Specific Health Guidance
National health nurse or nutritionists will help to make a plan to improve your diet, necessary exercise etc. or give you information such as way of understanding the medical checkup result, points to improve lifestyle, introducing facilities.
* On-line guidance is available

Tokutei Kenshin (Specific Health Checku)

Eligible age/person
40 to 74 years
* People who were born from Oct.1,1947 to March 31,1983

Checkup coupon
Send in the end of May. (It will be sent in the next month if you will enroll before Oct. 1st)

Kouki Koureisha Kenshin (Post Elderly and Disabled Health Checkup)

Eligible age/person
75 years and older
* People who were born before Sep. 30, 1947
* Persons who are over 65 yrs and have certain disabilities

Checkup coupon
Send in the end of May. (It will be sent in the next month when you will reach 75 years after May)

Main tests items

  • Interview with a doctor,
  • Body measurements (includes abdominal circumfence),
  • Urine sampling,
  • Blood-pressure measurement,
  • Blood test (lipid, blood sugar, kidney function and liver function

Additional examinations by Soka City

  • Serum protein of urine
  • Uric acid test

In case of the docters require

  • Funduscopy
  • Anemia test
  • Electrocardiograph

* Those who enroll in social insurance: Ask your company
* Those who are not enrolled in any health insurance (public assistance recipients etc.) are not eligible. Another health checkup will be conducted for them.

Designated medical institutions

Western part of Shinden

Hirata Clinic
Ninomiya Byoin
Shin-ei Clinic
Okada Kodomo Clinic
Ren Family Clinic
Soka Ekimae Naika
Medical Hub Clinic
Soka Green Clinic
Imajyo Clinid

Soka Angyo

Soka Kitaya Clinic
Takizawa Iin
Ishidori Clinic
Aya Sogo Naika Clinic
Harmones Tower Clinic
Saiyu Soka byoin
Matsumoto Iin
Usuda Shinryo-jyo
Ohshiro Clinic

Western part of Soka

Soka Naika Kokyu Care Clinic
Kagawa Iin
Ohsato Naika Iin
Tanaka Naika/Junkan-ki Naika Clinic
Ishii Geka Iin
Soka Sugawara Ledies Clinic
Yamazaki Ichou-ka Naika Clinic
Soka Jyunkan-ki Clinic
Soka Sugiura Naika Clinic
Medics Soka Clinic
Fukasaku Naika Clinic

Western part of Yatsuka

Yanagishima Clinic
Minami Soka Clinic
Soka Seibu Clinic
Sakura Seikei Geka

Soka Kawayagi

Kato Family Clinic
Masatsuka Iin
Toratani Iin
Toyoda Clinic

Eastern part of Shinden

Katai Naika Clinic
Soka Nou-shinkei-geka Clinic
Soka Partners Naika / Tounyo-byo Clinic
Mizuno Clinic

Eastern part of Soka / Soka Inari

Naito Clinic
Kuroda Sougou Naika Shinryo-jyo
Yamazaki Clinic
Nakada Iin
Asako shonika Naika Iin
Uchiyama Naika Shonika Iin
Yuzuna Naika Zaitaku Clinic
Soka Eidai Clinic
Kamiya Iin
Takagi Iin
Ogino Iin

Central Yatsuka / Eastern part of Yatsuka

Tsuchiya Medical Clinic
Sato Iin
Hida Iin
Medical Topia Soka Byoin
Nakamachi Clinic
Hoei Byoin


Specific Health Checkup
Hoken Nenkin-ka (Health Insurance and Pension Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1593
FAX(048) 922-3178

Post Elderly and Disabled Health Checkup
Koki-koureisha/Jyushin Iryou-shitsu (Disabled Medical Insurance Office)
Tel.(048) 922-1367
FAX(048) 922-3178

Specific Health Guidance
Kenko Zukuri-ka (Health Center)
Tel.(048) 922-0200
FAX(048) 922-1516