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Soka City

Indecent Assault Occurred Frequently

Update : 2022-5-6

About 50 % of the incidents were occurred on the way to go home between 8:00 p.m. and 0:00 am; in the streets, houses and shops.
24 cases in 2021, which was the largest number in Saitmak Prefecture, were reported in Soka City.
Keep in mind following three points not to suffer indecent assault.

(1)Don't walk alone after the dark.

  • Take a main road even if it is a detour.
  • Bring and ready for use a portable security buzzer or smartphone when you walk alone.

(2)Be cautious of your surroundings

  • Check whether someone is following you by looking back even in the neighborhood.
  • No distracted walking; don't use smartphone or listening music with earphone.

(3) Lock up securely

  • Lock up all the doors and windows except opening for ventilation.
  • Illuminate around the house at night.


Kurashi Anzen-ka (Life Safety Section)
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