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Soka City

Events in Our City in March

Update : 2022-4-20

March 7: Ryoshinden Kusunoki Park Opened
In Ryoshinden Nishi-cho

The park with a large Kusunoki (camphor tree) covers an area of about 3,000 m2, and has play equipment such as a slide and swings.

The park was named by Ms. UKAJI Sara (6th grader) and Mr. SHOJI Tomoki (5th grader) (the grades at the time of entry).
The students of Ryoshinden Elementary School were asked to name the park last May, and the name was chosen from 72 entries.
The reasons for naming were "I used Hiragana to make it sound soft and gentle (Ms. Ukaji)" and "I wanted to use the name of a tree or a flower in the park (Mr. Shoji), with a hope that the park will be loved by many people.

Ryoshinden Kusunoki Park

March 26: Cherry Blossoms Festival and Photo Sessions

Soka Sawayaka-san

Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossoms Festival) was held along Kasai Yosui (Irrigation Canal) in the Inari district, with rows of about 450 cherry trees.
The temperature was rather low on precedented days and the cherry blossoms were only three-quarter in bloom, but the members of the local resident association were very happy about the first festival in three years.
The photographing sessions of cherry trees were held on the same day, with Soka Sawayaka-san as models.
The participants delighted about the coming of spring, saying, "The Kimono goes well with cherry blossoms."

Cherry blossoms
Cherry blossoms in full bloom along Kasai Yosui (Irrigation Canal)
(Photographed on March 31)