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Accept Applications for Soka City Public Housing

Update : 2022-1-24

When you apply for the public housing, "Individual Number (My Number)" of an applicant and all the members who will live with are required.

For further information, see the application guide which will be distributed from January 4 (Mon.) at Shisan Katsuyo-ka (Asset Utilization Section), Sogo An-nai (General Information Desk) and Service Centers. You can download from the website of Soka City There are two types of city housing.

Kariage (Rent) Type
Existing buildings are rented by Soka City and offered.

Kensetsu (Construction) Type
New buildings are constructed by Soka City and offered

Eligible persons

Monthly total sum of incomes of all the househokd members is 158,000 yen/month or less.
And an applicant who meets all the following conditions

(1)One who is evidently in need of housing
(2)One who has lived in Soka City for a year or longer
(3)One who has no default in paying municipal tax
(4)None of the applicant or the family members belongs to a crime syndicate
(5)In case of a foreigner, one who is registered in the Basic Resident Register and whose resident status is "permanent resident"
(6)If you apply for 2DK type, you are now lving or will live with relatives.
(7)In case of you apply for Kariage (Rent) Type house: Should be a single-parent family, a family of senior citizens (65 years old and older), a family with a disabled person or a family who leaves company housing due to resignation.

For apply

Between January 4 (Tue) and 21 (Fri) send an application form to: 〒340-8550 Shisan Katsuyo-ka or bring.


Shisan Katsuyo-ka (Asset Utilization Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1798
FAX(048) 924-3739