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Have You Seen a Road or a Traffic Sign like This ?

Update : 2022-1-24

Message for Drivers
Have You Seen a Road or a Traffic Sign like This ?

Message for Drivers

Drive with Consideration for Pedestrians

The "Zone 30" is the area with the speed regulation of 30 km/h, implemented in cooperation of the police.

The zones are set on narrow roads (residential roads), around residential areas and school routes, where a lot of senior citizens, children and bicycle come and go, so as to secure the safety of pedestrians.

So as to prevent traffic accidents, we will appreciate your driving with consideration so that pedestrians can come and go with peace of mind.

Questions about the "Zone 30"
The first step is to know about it.

Q: Why 30 km/h ?

A: Because the fatality rate in collision accidents of an automobile and a pedestrian rises over 30 km/h. If you drive at a moderate speed, you can sense danger more easily and can stop the automobile immediately.

Q: Why designated by "Zones" instead of dangerous roads ?

A: By designating the whole residential area surrounded by major roads, the zones are aimed at the safety of residents in the area.

Q: Are the zones under traffic regulation ?

A: If you drive at 30 km/h or faster in the "Zone 30," the violation of speeding will be applied.

Q: How many Zones are there in Soka City ?

A: There are 10 in all. The 11th zone will be installed in Sezaki 3-chome by the end of this fiscal year.

Installation Sites of "Zone 30"


[1] [2] Seimon 2 and 3-chome
[3] Shin-ei 1-chome
[4] Choei 2-chome
[5] Aoyagi 7-chome
[6] Sakae-cho 2-chome
[7] Inari 3-chome
[8] Part of Shinmei 1-chome, Sumiyoshi1-chome and Takasago 2-chome
[9] Part of Hikawa-cho
[10] Teshiro 1 and 2-chome, and part of Chuo 1-chome and Yoshi-cho 1 ~ 3-chome
[11] Sezaki 3-chome (To be installed in the fiscal year 2021)


Kotsu Taisaku-ka (Traffic and Transport Measures Section)
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