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Opening an Evacuation Shelter in Cooperation

Update : 2022-1-24

Evacuees Themselves to Be Operators

Yatsuka Elementary School on November 13
Training of operating an evacuation shelter at Yatsuka Elementary School on November 13

Mutual Support and Cooperation

Evacuation shelters, to be opened in times of large-scale disaster, will be operated, with the leadership of residents.

Smooth operation requires the cooperation of evacuees who will gather at the evacuation shelter. It is essential for everyone to think about "what I can do" so as to prepare a comfortable evacuation shelter.

To Open and Operate an Evacuation Shelter

Your Cooperation Essential

Occurrence of a disasterConfirmation of the safety of facilitiesReceptionTransportation of the equipment from the storehousePreparation of living space, toilets, etc.Operation

  • Occurrence of a disaster
  • Confirmation of the safety of facilities
  • Reception
  • Transportation of the equipment from the storehouse
  • Preparation of living space, toilets, etc.
  • Operation (distributing boiled rice, patrolling in the nighttime and providing help to those who need it)

Taking Actions for What We Can Do

Video to introduce our commitment. Visit the website via the QR code.
YouTube Soka City Official Channel

YouTube Soka City Official Channel


Training to Operate an Evacuation Shelter

We conduct a lot of training so that evacuees themselves can operate the evacuation shelter, and verify after each training.

Mr. Kawamura
Mr. Kawamura, operating chief of the evacuation shelter at Yatsuka Elementary School

Training to operate an evacuation shelter (setting up toilets)
in Yatsuka Elementary School on November 13

Yatsuka Elementary School

The operating committee consisting of resident groups around elementary and junior high schools are holding training and meetings for opening and operating evacuation shelters, in collaboration with the school and the city.


Disaster Prevention Studies

I realized it is important to find what I can do and to take actions.

Comment by a student
Comment by a student

Disaster prevention studies of 6th graders
at Ryoshinden Elementary School on November 5

Elementary School

The 6th graders in elementary schools and the 2nd graders in junior high schools are studying about what they can do now and what they will be able to do in grown up as members of operating an evacuation shelter.

City Hall

Training of City Employees

Opening and operating an evacuation shelter requires a lot of manpower, so the cooperation of people who are related to evacuation shelters is essential.

Mr. Tsuzan
Mr. Tsuzan, member of the community gathering team, leader at Hanaguri Minami Elementary School

Training of city employees (training of reception) on August 6 and 13

Soka City is conducting training regularly

Soka City is conducting training regularly, assuming a large-scale disaster, including the communication with the emergency management headquarters and the training to open evacuation shelters.


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