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Soka City

Events in Our City in October

Update : 2022-1-24

October 14: Registered Tangible Cultural Properties
Of the Nation
"Suda Family Residence (Nakaya) and Warehouse" (Kura Cafe Nakaya)
"Kuno Family Residence and Store" (Soka-shuku Shinmei-an)

Two buildings in the old Soka post town were registered as registered tangible cultural properties of the nation (buildings) - "Suda Family Residence (Nakaya) and Warehouse" and "Kuno Family Residence and Store." Now we have six registered tangible cultural properties in Soka City.

"Suda Family Residence (Nakaya) and Warehouse" (Sumiyoshi 1-1-1)

This is a building with a thick mortar walls built in the late Meiji Era (around 1900).
It is now used as "Kura Cafe Nakaya."

Suda Family Residence

"Kuno Family Residence and Store" (Shinmei 1-6-14)

The building still retains the image of a merchant house, and the store part is used as "Soka-shuku Shinmei-an."

Kuno Family Residence

October 15: Angyo Automobile Patrol Team
Awarded with a Prime Minister Award

The Angyo automobile patrol team was awarded with a Prime Minister Award 2021 for meritorious persons who contributed to the development of safe and secure community.
The award highly evaluates their volunteer activities to prevent crimes in the community since the initiation of the team in 2004.

Mr. ARAKI Hitoshi (the right end in the photo), captain of the team, expressed his happiness and eagerness, "The award is the fruit activities of members, who made honest efforts. In order to continue activities, it is essential not to decrease participants. I will continue the activities with other members, with the slogan of "from acquaintances to friends."

Angyo Automobile Patrol Team