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Support for Furniture Overturning Prevention

Update : 2022-1-24

Prepare against Earthquake in Good Time

An earthquake with a seismic intensity of a lower 5 occurred in Soka City on October 7 (Thu).
A lot of lives were lost in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake caused by the overturned furniture.
Earthquakes are unpredictable.
Prepare against earthquake, using the support system below.

In addition, industrial tools (motor screw drivers and stud sensors) are loaned out for free to those of age 18 or over and to business operators in Soka City who are to install furniture overturning prevention fixtures.

Expenses to Be Subsidized for Installing Furniture Overturning Prevention Fixtures
(L-shaped metal fittings)

Furniture overturning prevention fixtures (L-shaped metal fittings) are to stabilize the building and the furniture.
The expenses will be subsidized up to three pieces of furniture and up to 9,000 yen of installing expenses per family.

Target people

Families consisting of those of age 15 or under, 65 or over or those who have a physically disabled person's handbook, and whose city tax is not overdue.

A letter of consent of the house owner is required for those who live in rental housing because holes need to be made on walls.


Make an application in advance.
Contact Kiki Kanri-ka (Crisis Control Section) and make an application before making a request to a trader.


Kiki Kanri-ka (Crisis Control Section)
Tel.(048) 922-0614
FAX(048) 922-6591