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Soka City

Free Sanitary Goods at the Windows

Update : 2021-12-8

Sanitary goods (napkins) stocked as disaster emergency supplies are distributed for needy person at free og charge at the Seikatsu Shien-ka (Marugoto Support), Jinken Kyosei-ka (Human Rights and Gender Equality Section), Kokusai Sodan Corner (Intercultural Information Cornere), Danjyo Kyodo Sankaku (Male/Female Participation Equality) Sawayaka Salon.
You don't need to say a word nor tell your name and address, just point the "Guide Card" as below at the windows.
Please bring a bag for them.

 Card image

Sanitary Napkins are Available

Please point just this card.
No need to tell your name or address


Kikikanri-ka (Crisis Control Section)
Tel.(048) 922-0614
FAX(048) 922-6591