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Soka City

Soka Senbei: Tradition and Innovation

Update : 2021-12-3

"Soka Senbei" with Traditional Technique,
Flavor and Local Brand, for the Future

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Soka Senbei has a long history, and the technique and flavor has been inherited since the Edo Period.

The Soka Senbei Cooperative Association, the Soka District Hand-baked Senbei Cooperative Association and the Soka Senbei Promotion Council established a local brand through the registration of regional collective trademarks and of a local food brand "Honba-no Honmono (Genuine Article from the Center of Production)."

In addition, they are engaged in activities for quality control to maintain the tradition and hand it down to the future, by having a specialized agency to regularly check the producing process, sanitary supervision and food labels of the Senbei stores.

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Honba-no Honmono (Genuine Article from the Center of Production)
Criteria of Soka Senbei

Site of production

  • Produced in Soka, Yashio, Kawaguchi and Koshigaya


  • Non-glutinous rice harvested in and around the Kanto area


  • Managed by workmen with ten or more years of experience

Baking method

  • Hard-baked with a pressing tile or with the same process 

Soka Senbei Marusou Ichifuku and a Seminar of Dokkyo University

A proposal was made by students to effectively use Senbei which were cracked during the production process and to make a package that draw attention of young people, resulting in commercialization.
During the limited sale of two months, 1,200 packages were sold.

Now a new project is in progress to make soap from waste oil drained during the production process and rice bran, with expectation to deepen the love for Soka Senbei and the understanding for the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Mr. Takahashi, manager of Soka Senbei Marusou Ichifuku, said, "We need new ideas to keep our local traditions.
We are happy to be engaged in activities with young people." Mr. Okajima, student leader, talked about his eagerness, "I go to a local university, but am not familiar with Soka Senbei. I would like to send information, combining Soka Senbei and the activities of SDGs around us."

Department of Economics of Dokkyo University image
From the left: Members of the Takayasu seminar of the Department of Economics of Dokkyo University - Mr. ONO Sosuke, Mr. SAKURADA Shingo, Ms. SAKAI Marine, Mr. MIZUNO Ibuki, Mr. IIZUKA Taisei and Mr. OKAJIMA Naoki

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The design of the package was conceived by students, giving a unique name to an opaque package to make customers imagine the tastes of Waresen (cracked Senbei).

Various Ways to Enjoy New Tastes


Ikeda-ya image

This is an official license product of the Urawa Reds, jointly developed with the Saitama Branch of Kirin Brewery Company, Ltd. This Senbei has smoking flavor which makes a perfect match with beer.


Onmaya image
Manten Senbei Soy Sauce Koji

Senbei dough is cracked into easy-to-eat sizes, deep fried and richly flavored with tasty soy sauce Koji.

Komiya-no Senbei

Komiya-no Senbei image
Galette Croque en

Cookies, containing Soka Senbei and almond, were produced in collaboration with a western-style confectionery shop "Biscuiterie Croque en Bouche" in Soka City.

Soka Kiraku Senbei Honpo

Soka Kiraku Senbei Honpo image
Unagi Senbei (Eel-flavored)

The idea of this Senbei is easily eatable "rice bowl topped with grilled eel." This is a masterpiece, with broiled eels, sauce and zanthoxylum fruit - all produced in Japan.

Soka Senbei Horii

Soka Senbei Horii image
Chokotto Waresen
(Variety of cracked Senbei)

This offers a good opportunity to taste various kinds for those who have never eaten Soka Senbei. Taste the flavors of soy sauce, sesame, green laver as well as Senbei rolled in dried laver.

Soka Senbei Marusou Ichifuku

Soka Senbei Marusou Ichifuku image
Protein Senbei

The protein content in one package of Senbei is 10 g, enabling to take in protein as easily as eating snack.

Sokado Honten (Main Store)

Sokado Honten image
Kobukuro Agesen
(small package of deep-fried Senbei)

Deep-fried Senbei packed in small packages to taste some uncommon tastes such as chili lemon, mayonnaise pepper and anchovy.


Toyodaya image
Soka Senbei Gelato with
Secret Soy Sauce and Milk

This is a mixture of soy sauce and milk gelato. Enjoy the food texture of the topping of "Kakesen (cracked Senbei)."

Yamako Senbei Honpo

Yamako Senbei Honpo image
Soka Senbei Smoothie

The fragrance of Soka Senbei and vanilla makes a perfect match. You will be addicted to the salty flavor of Senbei found in the sweetness.

Soka Senbei Map

The Soka Senbei map showing all the 47 stores in Soka City are distributed in public facilities and other places.
Find your favorite store!

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