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Soka City

Prepare against Flood

Update : 2021-12-1

This photo shows the image in case that the soka station front is flooded in the depth of 3 m. image
This photo shows the image in case that the Soka station front is flooded in the depth of 3 m.

If the Tone River should overflow, the water may be 3 m in depth in the worst case, and the water may stay for a week.

  • Houses in Soka City are hardly assumed to suffer from inundation on the second floor or upper, nor to be washed away by landslide disaster or by the river water.
  • Make your own timeline of when and how you act in times of flood, so that you can picture in your mind what actions to take in case of emergency.

Basics: Evacuate to the 2nd Floor or Upper Indoors

Q: Why not an evacuation shelter ?

A: Evacuation means to escape from the danger.
Carry out home evacuation (Vertical evacuation to the second floor or upper) to seek safety indoors.

Many people will be living in an evacuation shelter in a limited accommodation, creating crowdedness.

Home evacuation will enable you to live in a familiar place, protecting privacy.

Vertical evacuation image

Vertical evacuation
3 m or higher

If you have difficulty moving to the second floor …

In case you live in a one-story house, or feel insecure, and wish to evacuate to the house of relative or of a friend, or to an evacuation shelter, start preparation to evacuate in good time.

Take action in good time. image

Take action in good time.

Alert Level 4: "Evacuation Instruction" Is a Cue to Take Actions to Protect Your Life

Evacuate by Alert Level 4 !

  New Evacuation Information Previous System of Evacuation Information
Alert Level 5 Emergency Safety Measures
(Disaster occurrence / Disaster impending)
Evacuation occurrence information
Alert Level 4 Evacuation Instruction
(High risk of disaster)
Evacuation instruction (emergency)
Evacuation recommendation
Alert Level 3 Evacuation of the elderly, etc.
(Risk of disaster)
Advisory to prepare for evacuation and
start evacuating elderly and
other persons requiring special care.

"Evacuation Recommendations" No Longer Be Used

If you need time in evacuating, take actions in Alert Level 3 "Evacuation of the elderly, etc."
In addition, even if the evacuation information is not issued, acquire weather information, and prepare yourself to take proactive actions when you sense the presence of danger.

Three Points of Home Evacuation

(1) Prepare

To last for three days at least, and for a week if possible.


  • Emergency food image

    Emergency food
    To be suitable for your family situations

  • Drinking water image

    Drinking water
    The rule of thumb is 3 liters a day per person

  • Emergency toilets image

    Emergency toilets
    The rule of thumb is five times a day per person

(2) In case the power source is shut …

Batteries may be in short supply when you need them. Prepare them in advance.

  • Radio image

    To collect information

  • Headlight and LED lantern image

    Headlight and LED lantern
    For activities during the night

  • Reserve batteries and portable battery charge image

    Reserve batteries and portable battery charger
    Do not forget to charge.

(3) Information acquisition in a way easy for you

Acquire information on TV ("d" button), on the website of Soka City, SNS, etc., whichever is easy for you.

  • Soka City app to send disaster-related information QR code image

    Soka City app to send disaster-related information

  • Soka Information E-mail QR code image

    Soka Information E-mail

  • Soka official LINE QR code image

    Soka official LINE


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