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Subsidy for Spay/Castration Operation of Stray Cats

Update : 2021-12-2

Soka City subsidizes part of the operation fees of spray or castration for stray cats in order to reduce unhappy cats. Cunsultation in advance is necessary to use this system. Application may be closed before the deadline as a budget is limited.
Operation fees of spray or castration for house cats are not covered.

Eligible cats: (meets all the conditions below)

  1. Applicant is a resident of Soka City
  2. Cats that live in Soka City and not kept by the owner or the cats that are looked after by local
  3. Spray or castration operation and ear v-cut treatment (sing of the operation) at the designated
    veterinary hospitals.
  4. Operations at the designated animal hospitals * You can check from HP of Soka City

Subsidy amount

Castration for male cats: 7,000 yen
Spay for female cats: 9,000 yen

* Limited to 5 cats for a household during May 10 (Mon.) and November 30 (Tue.), 2021

How to apply

Submit an advance consultation paper before the operation and submit photos of the cat(s) before and after the operation (v-cut treatment) and an application form with a copy of the receipt.


Invalid cases

  • 90 days has passed after the submittion of an advance consultation paper. An application form will not submited by November 30 (Tue.), 2021.
  • Operation may not be undergone due to some reasons of the hospitals.
  • Please find owners who can keep the castrated/spayed cats properly.
  • According to execution of budeget application may be temporarily suspended or number of applications are limited. Soka City cannot accept living cats.


from May 10 (Mon.) and November 30 (Tue.), 2021 at the Kurashi Anzen-ka (Life Safety Section).
Tel.(048) 922-3642
FAX(048) 922-1030
E-mail: kurashianzen*city.soka.saitama.jp (change * to @)