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To Develop a Community Where Everyone Is a Star

Update : 2021-12-2

Formulation of the "Community Plan" in Progress

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What Is the Community Plan ?

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This is a set of action plans for community development, taking advantage of the power of community.
Community plans are formulated in co-creation by people related to the community, including residents and the administration.

The practice of the plan is aimed at the realization of the future vision of community described in the basic plan for community development ("the city planning master plan").

District Round-table Meetings
Held to Formulate the Community Plans

  • People related to the community gather at district round-table meetings to identify local issues and resources and to find measures for solution, taking advantage of the community.
  • Three years are planned for district round-table meetings of ten community blocks in Soka City.

Streamline of District Round-table Meetings to Formulate the Plan

The 1st Year

Identify the local issues and resources, and share the future vision

The 2nd Year

Plan projects to resolve issues and practice them on a trial basis

The 3rd Year

Discuss the details for the realization of projects

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Formulate the Community Plan

What is the Purpose of the Community Plan ?

Community Plan

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Community development by the community (Proposed and led by the community)

Citizens, resident associations, the local council of social welfare, NPO organizations, PTAs, the junior chamber, the chamber of commerce and industry, companies, groups, circles, etc.

+ Plus (Co-created)

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Community development by the administration (Conceived and implemented by the city)



Local Issues

Local welfare, child rearing, scenery,
parks, disaster prevention,
crime prevention, land utilization, 
roads, human relationships, 
sightseeing, festivity, etc.

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Community issues are diversified due to the decrease of population, decreasing birthrate and aging population, disaster risk, etc.
To cope with these issues, the collaborative community development is essential, the "administrative efforts" collaborating with "commitments by local residents of various generations with various abilities."

For this purpose, the formulation of the plan is in progress, compiling the details of collaborative commitments and the implementation method, so as to share them with everyone.

Four Districts on the Way to the Formulation of the Plan

Almost Completed the Plan

Yatsuka Chuo and Shinden Seibu Districts

The Fiscal Year 2018

Round-table meetings were started to formulate the plan.

The Fiscal Year 2019

Based on the ideas for resolving issues proposed in the meetings, projects were practiced on a trial basis, led by participants.

The Fiscal Year 2020

Discussions were deepened in round-table meetings about know-how, human resources, and ways of communicating information and of fund raising to realize and to sustain projects, but meetings were suspended due to the coronavirus crisis.
Discussions will be continued as soon as meetings were resumed.

Community Development News

Preparing for Round-table Meetings

Soka Kawayanagi and Soka Seibu Districts

Round-table meetings are being prepared to interview people in the community and to formulate the community plan.

Round-table meetings will be held in April onward, considering the COVID-19 situation. The details will be announced later.


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