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Ceiling Amount of National Health Insurance Tax in 2021

Update : 2021-2-22

The insurance taxes will be revised from April, 2021 as the table below for the stable management of national health insurance program.

* The Japanese program is a "universal care program" and a foreigner living in Japan for more than three months and complete resident registration must join one of the public medical insurance programs.

 Ceiling Amount in 2020
(copayment amount)
Ceiling Amount in 2021
(copayment amount)
For medical benefit
(* 0 to 74 yrs old)
610,000 yen 630,000 yen
For the support money of
the Post Elderly and Disabled
(*0 to 74 yrs old)
190,000 yen 190,000 yen
For nuusing care benefit
(*40 to 74 yrs old)
160,000 yen 170,000 yen
Total 960,000 yen 990,000 yen

* Insurance Premiums (also called `Insurance tax') are based on income from the previous year & number of household members. This means that your premiums will change every year and you will be notified of the new amount in June by a tax invoice sent to the Head of the Household.


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