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Soka City

Air Conditioners in School Gymnasiums

Update : 2021-12-8

To Be Installed in Elementary and Junior High Schools
By the Fiscal year 2022
To Improve the Educational Environment and to Enhance the Function of Evacuation Shelters

Protect Children from Heat Disorder

In response to the heat wave of recent years, the installation of air conditioners in gymnasiums was started in the elementary and junior high schools in Soka City in the current fiscal year, to be completed in the fiscal year 2022, so as to secure the comfortable educational environment for students.

The installment of air conditioners in ordinary and special classrooms in elementary and junior high schools were completed in the fiscal year 2019.


Gakko Shisetsu-ka (School Facilities Section)
Tel.(048) 922-2643
FAX(048) 928-1178

Improve the Living Environment of Evacuation Shelters

Gymnasiums in elementary and junior high schools will be used as designated evacuation shelters for community residents in times of disaster such as earthquake and typhoons.
Considering that the evacuation life may be extended over a long period of time, air conditioners will be installed in the gymnasium, the main place of evacuation life, so that evacuees may live a heathier life.

In addition, level difference at the entrance of gymnasiums will be eliminated, wheelchair toilets installed, emergency lighting system and the Wi-Fi facilities installed so as to improve the function of evacuation shelters.


Kiki Kanri-ka (Crisis Control Section)
Tel.(048) 922-0614
FAX(048) 922-6591

Facilities to Be Installed Concurrently with Air Conditioners

エアコンと同時に体育館に整備する内容 image

Air conditioners
Emergency lighting systems and emergency plug sockets
Common antenna television systems
Improvement of toilets (including the preparation of toilets for wheelchairs)
Eliminate level difference (including the installation of slopes)
Solar-powered outside lights (from the school gate to the entrance)

Wi-Fi facilities
Select "00000JAPAN" (five zeros Japan) in the Wi-Fi connection of your portable terminal to use the Internet connection free of charge.
* This service will be opened in a large-scale disaster when a gymnasium is used as an evacuation shelter.