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Prevent Spreading of Novel Coronavirus Infection

Update : 2021-12-1

Headquarters for COVID-19 Control, the mayor is a charman, was installed on Februray 20, 2020.
They decided the guidelines for the meetings/events and temporary closure of public facilities in order to prevent outbreaks and control the spread of infection of COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus disease).

* Information about COVID-19 in 14 languages by CLAIR (Council Local Authorities for International Relations) is available: http://www.clair.or.jp/tabunka/portal/info/contents/114517.php(External link.)

Summary of Guideline for Meetings/Events

Meetings/Events held by the Soka City, where unspecified large number of people attend, are cancelled or postponed until the end of March. Standards of cancellation and postponement

  1. Unspecified large number of people are expected to attend

  2. People who might be serious condition (* ) are expected to attend * The elderly (above 65 years old), persons with chronic diseases, persons who take immunosuppressant drugs or anticsncer drugs or pregnant women

  3. The venues where high possibility of spreading infection (many chances of contacting with other persons, airtightness is high etc.) is expected

When we held the meetings/event unavoidably we take measures to prevent infection (use disinfectant, reduce the chances of contact infection)

9th Soka MatsubaraTaikobashi (Arched Bridge) Road Race on March 8 is cancelled
Inquire for other events to each section in charge.

Temporary Closure of Public Faciliteis (as of March 1)

For the elderly

Deai-no-mori and Fureai-no-sato for the elderly are closed from March 2 (Mon.)


Choju Shien-ka (Senior Citizens Support Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1342
FAX(048) 922-3279

For the children

Jido-kans, Jido Centers (Child Centers) and Seishonen Koryu Center (Exchange Center for the children from 12 to 22 yrs old in Yatsuka)


Kodomo Ikusei-ka (Youth Healthy Development Section)
Tel.(048) 928-6421

Sports Facilities

Shimin Onsui Pool (Citizen's Heated Pool), Training rooms in Kinen Taiiku-kan (Commemoratice Gymnasium) and Shimin Taiiiku-kan (Citizen's Gymnasium)


Sports Shinko-ka (Sports Promotion Section)
Tel.(048) 922-2861

* All the public facilitites including above ones are scheduled to be closed until March 31 (Tue.)

Support for Closure of All Elementary/Junior High Schools (as of February 28)

Houkago Kodomo Kyoshitsu (After-school Children Class) and undertakings at the schools are now under consideration. We will notice on the HP of Soka City.

* All the elementary schools and junior high schools will be temporary closed from March 2 (Mon.) to March 26 (Thur.). School-year end holidays and spring holidays are from Mar. 27 (Fri.) to April 7 (Wed.).

Infection Prevention for the individual: 'Hand Washing' and 'Coughing Manners'

Wash your hands carefully and regularly.

Cough and sneeze etiquette: Wear a mask properly. (cover your mouth and nose)


Shin-gata Corona Virus Taisaku Honbu, Kiki Kanri-ka (COVID-19 Control Headquarters in Crisis Control Sectio)
Tel.(048) 922-0614
FAX(048) 922-6591