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Soka City

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Leather Products and Yukata Summer Kimono

Update : 2017-1-19


Soka is not only known for producing Senbei. Being located close to a consumer filled Tokyo and having a once abundant source of water, Soka attracted industries that require large amounts of water. Two of the more prominent of these industries are leather craft and dyeing. The leather industry not only uses cowhide and pighide but also others such as reptile and shark skin and is often referred to as a leather museum. Artisans form the leather into finished products such as bags, shoes, clothes and many other products. The Soka Yukata summer kimono has been designated as a Saitama Prefectural cultural handmade artform and in the height of popularity in 1961 Soka produced 1/3 of the 10 million rolls of material dyed.

Leather Products