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Soka Senbei Rice Crackers

Update : 2017-1-19

Senbei Image

Years ago Senbei became known and loved in and around Soka as an easily portable food source. Making use of the convenient transport network to Edo, senbei made in Soka were transported by boat and became popular as snacks for fashionable Edoites. As a result Senbei now enjoy an unshakable place in Japanese food culture. There are currently more than 60 producers and retailers in Soka and Senbei are now famous to the extent that it can easily be said that Soka and Senbei are synonymous with each other. Originally all handmade, many senbei are now produced in production line machines but some producers still use the age old method of drying the crust in the sun and baking the senbei by hand.