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What is HAIKU?


Haiku is the shortest poem in the world.

There is a rule in how to make it, using a season word in a short rhythm of 17 beats of only five, seven, and five. (The seasonal word is a word that expresses which season the phrase expresses directly.)

One of the charms of haiku is that it is easy for anyone to remember, and to become familiar with the season or nature because of its good rhythm.

In addition, you can enjoy learning many words related to the seasons in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and feeling people's thoughts in short words.

The haiku was formed as literary art by the famous haiku poet, “Matsuo Basho”, who visited Soka on the journey of the "Oku-no-hosomichi" in the early Edo period.

And nowadays, haiku is known all over the world, and it is actively made in foreign languages.

In a limited number of words, the technique of succinctly conveying people's feelings and the beauty of nature is well-known across many borders.