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Soka City

Novel Coronavirus Vaccination

Update : 2023-3-6

NOTE: Vaccination from April

  • The temporary vaccination period will be extended after April 1.
  • The vaccination measures of Soka City will be announced in the city newspaper or on the website of Soka City as soon as the guideline of the national government is finalized.

NOTE: In case you wonder if you are suffering from the after effect of COVID-19…

Seek diagnosis at a medical institution receiving after-effect outpatients.

These are some of typical symptoms

Feeling of fatigue, Cough and phlegm, Impairment of the sense of smell and/or taste, Unhairing, Headache, Poor concentration, Depression

The website of Saitama Prefecture gives information about medical institutions giving diagnosis for the after-effect of COVID-19.

* Confirm in advance on the check sheet for diagnosis (on the website of the prefecture).

About Wearing a Mask

Until March 12 From March 13
Outdoor: Not necessary basically
Indoor: Wearing a mask recommended
Wearing a mask to be left up to the judgement of the individual*

* However, wearing a mask is recommended or effective in the following cases.

  • In seeking a diagnosis at a medial institution, or in visiting a medical institution or a facility for senior citizens
  • In commuter rush or in using a crowded means of transportation
  • When a person with high risk of developing severe symptoms is going to a crowded place

Your Cooperation to Be Appreciated

  • Avoid going out if you have some symptoms, you or any of your family are tested positive for COVID-19.
    If you have to go out, to a hospital or somewhere, avoid crowded places and wear a mask.
  • Continue the basic measures to prevent infection, washing your hands, avoiding crowded places and ventilating the room.

The details


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