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Apply for My Number Points by the End of May

Update : 2023-3-6

The deadline of application for "My Number Points," granted after gaining the Individual Number Card ("My Number Card") is May 31 (Wed). Go through procedures on your smartphone (with the My Number Point app and the My Number portal app) or on the application terminal on the 1st floor of the 2nd building of the City Hall. Bring the following things:

  • "My Number Card"
  • 4-digit code number
  • The ID of the payment service to receive the points and the security code
  • The passbook of the bank (or the cash card of the bank)

The target people are those who applied for the card by the end of February. Visit the website of the ministry of Public Management or make a phone call at the toll-free general inquiry for the individual number. Tel.0120-95-0178


IT Shimin Service Suishin-shitsu (IT and Civil Service Promotion Office)
Tel.(048) 922-1974
FAX(0489 922-1294