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Soka City

Soka Monodukuri Brand

Update : 2023-3-6

Two Products, One Technology and One Food Certified Anew

The Soka Monodukuri Brand organizing committee certifies excellent industrial products, technology and foods.

In this fiscal year, two products, one technology and one food were certified anew. This system started in 2006, and up to the present 36 products, five technologies and four foods were certified. The committee will continue to publicize certified products nationwide and support sales expansion.

Certified Products

Snorkel for Competitive Use in Fin Swimming

Snorkel for Competitive Use in Fin Swimming

The snorkel for competitive use is used in the swimming race called fin swimming, in which the swimmer wears "fins" to move on the surface and in the water. The diameter of the pipe is adjusted for the body shape of Japanese people, and the mounting/dismounting of the pipe and the fixture can be done with a single tool. A unique idea is incorporated that the whirl-stop of pipe is equipped on the fixture.

Representative: HORIMOTO Shinya
Soka-shi Asahi-cho 1-4-21 Watanabe Manshon 1-506



This is a work kit to make spoon-shaped lures, a fishing tackle, by hammering a metal plate by oneself. Hammer the chip, material for spoon-shaped lures, to form a shape, using two kinds of sticks and a hammer. Chip is made from copper, which is easy to process and a beginner can make spoon-shaped lures easily.

Soka Neji Co., Ltd.
Representative: HANABUSA Toshiaki
Soka-shi Inari 1-4-38
Tel.(048) 925-7997

Certified Technology

Sequential Design in Naked-eye 3D Display and Technology of Printing Applied to Vinyl Chloride

Sequential Design in Naked-eye 3D Display and Technology of Printing Applied to Vinyl Chloride

The technology to create straight-line designs and sequential designs was developed, which was difficult in naked-eye 3D printing. In addition, printing on acrylic substrates was made possible, and vinyl chloride substrate products were developed, making them lighter and deformable.

Akebono Screen Co., Ltd.
Representative: NAGAI Rie
Soka-shi Sezaki 4-20-18
Tel.(048) 928-8261

Certified Food

Shimizuya's Special Castella

Shimizuya's Special Castella

This special castella has been loved in Soka City for over sixty years. The amount of sugar and honey is changed and the amount of water is adjusted, depending on the season, to create gentle food texture. The castella is hand-baked one by one with care, aiming for moderate sweetness.

Yugengaisha Okashi-tsukasa Shimizuya
Representative: MITA Osamu
Soka-shi Sumiyoshi 1-3-28
Tel.(048) 922-2563


Sangyo Shinko-ka (Industrial Advancement Section)
Tel.(048) 922-3477
FAX(048) 922-3406