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Wearing a Helmet for All Bicycle Riders

Update : 2023-3-6

To Be Obligation to Make Effort from April 1

After the enforcement of the amended Road Traffic Law, wearing a helmet of all bicycle riders will become obligation to make effort from April 1. Of all the bicycle riders killed in a traffic accident in Saitama Prefecture in 2022, about 69% of them were injured on the head. It is known that the fatality rate of those without a helmet is about 2.2 times higher than those with a helmet. It is essential to protect your head to provide against accidents.

Make effort to wear a helmet to protect your life in riding a bicycle.

Subscribe soon to an Insurance "Rin Rin Soka" for the Fiscal Year 2023 and Feel Assured

This is a bicycle insurance recommended by Soka City. Make a subscription procedures by March 17 (Fri) if you wish to be covered by the insurance from April 1. The special reception counter will be closed on March 17, and the post office will handle the subscription procedures after that. The starting day to be covered by the insurance varies, depending on the subscription day.

Visit the website of Soka City or read the leaflet for details.

Helmets for Bicycles

  • Buy a safe helmet, confirming with the SG mark or other information.
  • Use the helmet properly, fastening the chin strap.

Injured Part of Body in Fatal Accidents (The year 2022 in Saitama Prefecture)

Head: 11 persons (68.8%)
Face: 1 person (6.3%)
Breast: 1 person (6.3%)
Hips: 1 person (6.3%)
Other parts: 2 persons (12.5%)

Accidents while Riding a Bicycle

Fatality Rate with/without a Helmet (The years 2017 ~ 2021, nationwide)
With a helmet: 0.26
Without a helmet: 0.59 (about 2.2 times)


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