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Inauguration Ceremony of the New City Hall Building

Update : 2023-3-6

Attending Students Recruited, the Bearers of the Future of Soka

The inauguration ceremony will be held, celebrating the completion of the main building of the City Hall, now under construction. For this ceremony, student attendees will be recruited, the bearers of the future of Soka, wishing that the City Hall building will be loved by citizens. Why not be witness to the start of the new City Hall building to be used by citizens for years to come?

Date and time

April 22 (Sat), 10:00 a.m.


The new main building of the City Hall

Target students

Elementary school students to university students who live or study in Soka City

Accommodation limit

Four elementary school students, three junior high school students, two senior high school students and three university or vocational school students
Lot drawing will be conducted in case of too many applications.


Make a phone call at Sogo Seisaku-ka (Comprehensive Policy Section) or apply on the special application form (via the QR code) by March 24 (Fri).
Tel.(048) 922-0749
FAX(048) 927-4955

Exclusive application form