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Prevent Infringement by Illegal Acquisition

Update : 2023-2-20

Notification System against issuing of your certificate of residence by the third person to prevent infringement upon one's rights
This notification system (Hon-nin Tsuuchi Seido in Japanese) is to notify a registered person when his/her Jumin-hyo (certificate of residence) is issued by a third person's request.
It is expected to detect illegal acquisition through this system and widespread of this system leads to deter illegal application.

Eligible person

A person who is registered on Soka City's basic residents' register, family register or supplementary family register compiled by Soka City.

For apply

At the windows

Shimin-ka (Registers Section) or Service Centers with a document to identify yourself such as a passport, residence card, driver's license etc. and your hanko (seal).
* If a proxy (even a family member of same household) applies, a letter of attorney is necessary.

By mail

(1)Get an application form from the HP of Soka City and fill out the necessary columns.
* Please put a phone number we can contact in the daytime of weeldays.

(2)Prepare a photo copy of your ID documents (driver's license, residence card)

(3)Put (1)and(2) into an envelope and mail to: 〒340-8550 Shimin-ka


Shimin-ka (Registers Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1526
FAX(048) 920-1501