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Soka City

Housing Security Benefit

Update : 2023-2-20

For the people whose income reduced due to unemployment or lay-off
Application will be accepted by the end of March

What is Jyukyo Kakuho Kyufu-kin (Housing Security Benefit)?
We pay rent and support to secure the housing and the chance to get job

Eligible Person

Those who lost or may lose their current housing due to economic difficulties because of losing jobs * There are requirements

Benefit Amount

Adjusted amount of money according to your income

Ex.) Single household: less than 43,000 yen
Household with two people: less than 52,000 yen
Household with three people: less than 56,000 yen


Three (or up to nine* ) months
* under a given condition

How to pay

Directly to your landlord from Soka City

Requirements for Housing Security Benefit

Check Items

If you check all the above items there is a high possibility to apply for this benefit.
Contact to Marugoto Support SOKA (Entire Support SOKA: Self-reliance Support Consultation Counter)
Tel.(048) 922-0185
FAX(048) 922-6635