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Soka City

We Also Think about the Environment.

Update : 2023-2-20

The Exhibition of Children's Environment Pictures recruited pictures about the environment drawn by elementary and junior high school students so as to raise awareness for eco-friendly life.
These four works and some others, 11 in all, are being exhibited in "Soka Environment and Life Panel Exhibition in Soka MARUI."

Exhibition of Children's Environment Pictures
Interview with the Children

We had interviews with leading participants of the four schools which participated in the exhibition to ask about the feelings they wanted to express in the pictures.

I hope many animals and birds can gather.

"Looking for a Clean River"
By Mr. TERASAWA Hinata, 5th grade in Aoyagi Elementary School

I draw a picture of fish and birds being angry and sad about rivers contaminated with tires and plastic bags, imagining that fish and birds may disappear if contamination becomes worse.
I want Soka to be clean and bright, where animals and birds can gather.

I don't want the earth to be buried in wastes.

Ms. MORI Koharu
"Our Earth"
By Ms. MORI Koharu, 6th grade in Takasago Elementary School

I was worried about the impact on fish when I saw rivers with wastes and bicycles, and contaminated with oil.
I expressed my wish, with bright colors, that the earth will not be buried in wastes.

I want to see rivers cleaned, with birds coming.

Ms. FUJIOKA Michiru
"Rice Field and an Egret"
Ms. FUJIOKA Michiru, 4th grade in Yahata Kita Elementary School

When I participated in a field work to study creatures of Soka, I was impressed by the rice field and an egret I saw in Kakinoki-cho, and drew a picture.
I like nature and birds, so I hope rivers in Soka City will be cleaner so that kingfishers and pheasants will gather.

I want to cherish beautiful scenery of Soka.

"My Favorite Yatatebashi Bridge"
By Mr. YAMAMOTO Kanato, 5th grade in Inari Elementary School

The Yatatebashi Bridge is a place of my memories, taking a walk with Grandmother and picking up pinecones.
I feel sad when someone is throwing away wastes.
I want many people to know about Soka full of beautiful sceneries.

What We Can Do For Future Children

Soka City is carrying out activities to arouse interest in nature and creatures in the community, aiming to develop a "safe and secure community and the environment / community development caring for life." Why not start with some activities around us for future children?

Eco-friendly Actions and Trials

Act Locally

  • Separate wastes for recycling and make efforts of 3R's* .
  • Save water and electricity.
  • Reduce food loss and waste.

* What is 3R's?
Reduce: Reduce wastes.
Reuse: Use things repeatedly.
Recycle: Recycle things.

Field Work of Creatures in Soka

We observe and study creatures living in Soka.
Investigators are always being recruited.

Field Work of Creatures in Soka

The Ayase River Cleaning Campaign

We are working to clean the Ayase River, drawing up bicycles and other wastes illegally dumped into the river.

The Ayase River Cleaning Campaign

Soka Environment and Life Panel Exhibition in SOKA MARUI

Being Held until March 14 (Tue)

The exhibition includes the works in the Exhibition of Children's Environment Pictures and the panel exhibition about organizations in action based in the city.
The quiz rally will be held on February 26 (Sun), March 5 (Sun) and March 12 (Sun), offering presents of eco-friendly articles and shopping coupons on a first-come-first-served basis. 

7F The works in Exhibition of Children's Environment Pictures and the Green Curtain Photo Exhibition
4F Exhibition about the SDGs and plastic waste problems
3F Exhibition about creatures and non-native species problems observed in Soka City
B1F Exhibition about energy-saving efforts of business operators


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