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Welfare Taxi and Automobile Fuel Expenses Voucher System to Be Changed

Update : 2023-2-6

Partial reform will be made in the grant system of welfare taxi vouchers and automobile fuel expenses vouchers which aim to support independent life and public participation of people with mental and physical disabilities who have difficulty in going out.
Make an application if you have not yet applied for vouchers for the fiscal year 2022.

Details of the system reform (from the benefit of the fiscal year 2023)

(1)In case the taxi fare amounts to or exceeds double the starting fare, you can use up to two vouchers of welfare taxi.

(2)If you make an application for registration, you need not make an application from the next fiscal year.

Target people (Those who fall under any of the conditions below):

  • Shintai Shogaisha Techo (Physically Disabled Person's Handbook) grade 1 ~ 3 (Grade 3 not covered by the system in case of disabilities in upper limbs only)
  • Ryoiku Techo (Rehabilitation Certificate) grade ○A ~ B
  • Seishin Shogaisha Hoken Fukushi Techo (Mental Disability Certificate) grade 1 and 2

* Those who are staying in a facility, such as a special nursing home for the aged, are to make an application after leaving the facility.
* Those whose registered address is in Soka City but does not actually live there are not covered by this system.

Number of vouchers issued

Uniformly 38 vouchers (of either kind)

Application procedures

Obtain the application form from the website of Soka City or at other places, and send it to the section in charge.
In case of automobile fuel expenses vouchers, attach the copies of Shakensho (automobile inspection certificate) [in case it was issued in January or later, Jidosha Kensasho Kiroku Jiko (matters of record in the automobile inspection certificate) in addition] and Unten Menkyosho (driver's license).
Application will be received at the counter of the City Hall from March 29 (Wed).


Those of age 18 or older
〒340-8550 Shogai Fukushi-ka (Disabled Citizens Welfare Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1436
FAX(048) 922-1153

Those of age under 18
〒340-8550 Kosodate Shien-ka (Parenting Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1483
FAX(048) 922-3274