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Update : 2023-2-6

What Are Chokai (Neighborhood Associations) Doing?

Yatsuka Naka-cho Chokai
Mr. NAKAI Yoshindo, Chairperson

Mr. NAKAI Yoshindo

Various events are held in Yatsuka-Naka Momonoki Park, staged by our neighborhood association.

A lot of children gather at children's radio exercise sessions during the summer vacation every year.
The summer festival was canceled two years in a row, but it was resumed in this fiscal year as a children's fun event in autumn.
Grown-ups also enjoyed the vegetable sale corner.
We hope to develop ties of relationship among residents through various events.

Yatsuka Naka-cho

Naeduka-cho Chokai
Mr. UCHIDA Yoshinori, Chairperson

Mr. UCHIDA Yoshinori

We focus on safe and secure community development, going on night patrol every day and watching over children going home from school three times a week.
A lot of people are engaged in these activities and we have no problem in taking turns.

In addition, we organized the Angyo automobile patrol party, made up of 15 neighborhood associations and resident groups in 2004.
We are working with utmost efforts, under the motto to "protect our community ourselves."

Naeduka-cho Chokai

Hikawa-cho Seibu Chokai
Mr. FURUTA Kazuo, Chairperson

Mr. FURUTA Kazuo

In this fiscal year, the children's festival for disaster prevention was held for the first time in three years.
We organized a contest of disaster prevention posters drawn by children and the fire drill, in which they learn about disaster prevention just like a game.
We have many farmers in our area, so we staged a lottery to win vegetables grown in the area, creating fun time.

We think it is important to let children participate, so that the activities will be handed down to the next generation.

Hikawa-cho Seibu Chokai

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Attention Please!
Our Efforts to Prevent Disaster

Chokai or Jichikai (neighborhood associations) carry out various activities because it is important to develop ties of relationship for neighbors to help one another to prepare for the times of emergency.

Among them, in the citizens' disaster drill to operate evacuation shelters, staged by the federation of neighborhood associations, made up of neighborhood associations, we practice to open and operate evacuation shelters in the elementary and junior high schools, potential evacuation shelters, led by the evacuation shelters operating committee made up of community residents.

At present, elementary and junior high school students are taught how to operate evacuation shelters at Saturday schools by the members of evacuation shelters operating committee.
The students who learned about disaster prevention will hopefully be effective workers in times of disaster in the future.

Why not join Chokai or Jichikai (neighborhood associations) and work together for community development where we can live with peace of mind?

Our Efforts to Prevent Disaster

How to Join a Neighborhood Association

Later, you will be contacted by the Chokai or Jichikai (neighborhood association or resident group) in the community you live.

By e-mail

Send an e-mail , telling the name of the head of the family, address, phone number and the contactable hours.

By postal mail or by FAX

Fill in the "Chokai Jichikai Renraku Kibohyo (Contact request slip of neighborhood associations)" downloaded from the website of Soka City or distributed at service centers, community centers and Minna-de Machidukuri-ka (Partnership Town Planning Section).
Send it to 〒340-8550 Minna-de Machidukuri-ka, or
FAX it to (048) 922-3406.

By Tel.ephone

Dial either of the phone number below, telling the name of the head of the family, address, phone number and the contactable hours.

Soka City supports community development, making the most of characteristics of the community.


Minna-de Michidukuri-ka (Partnership Town Planning Section)
Tel.(048) 922-0796
FAX(048) 922-3406

Soka-shi Chokai Rengokai Jimukyoku (Office of Soka City Federation of Neighborhood Associations) in Takasago Community Center
Tel./FAX(048) 922-6327