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Casualties in Bicycle Accidents in Soka City

Update : 2022-12-5

About 1.5 Times Increase from Last Year

About 1.5 Times Increase from Last Year
About One Person Injured in Bicycle Accidents in Two Days

Observe the Five Safety Rules for Bicycles

Renewed on November 1

Ride on the left side of a driveway in principle.

Ride on the left side of a driveway in principle

Riding on a sidewalk is exceptional. Give priority to pedestrians.
Bicycles are defined as light vehicles, so they are expected to keep to the left of a road, and in case a driveway and a sidewalk are separated, they are to go on a driveway.
When a bicycle passes on a sidewalk, go closer to a driveway and halt if the bicycle is blocking the passage of pedestrians.

Drive safely by halting and observing the traffic signals at intersections

Turn on the light at night.

Avoid drunken driving

NEW: Wear a helmet (both adults and children).

The Road Traffic Law was amended, and wearing a helmet will be an obligation for all bicycle riders to make effort by the end of April 2023.

Helmets looking like caps or hats are on sale
Helmets looking like caps or hats are on sale.

Visit the website of the National Police Agency for details.

Traffic Accidents May Increase in Number towards the End of the Year.
Remind Yourself of the Traffic Rules to Protect Precious Lives.

The number of casualties in bicycle accidents in Soka City from January to the end of October 2022 was 164, which is 1.5 times of the number of cases (111) during the same period of 2021. A bicycles is a convenient vehicle which can be used regardless of age, but in riding on a road, drive safely by observing the traffic rules as a vehicle and by showing good traffic manners.

Message from the Soka Police to Bicycle Users

Mr. Yuri
Mr. Yuri, chief of the Traffic Section of the Soka Police

Many traffic accidents related to bicycles occur in Soka City, and some violation of traffic rules are recognized in more than 80% of bicycle riders. In riding a bicycle, observe the traffic signals and the traffic signs such as STOP signs, and wear a helmet. The cases of bicycle theft is increasing in number. Be sure to lock your bicycle when you leave it.

Tel.l Us the Characteristics of Potential Accidents

Q: Is there any time zones or places in which accidents may often occur? And what are the most frequent causes of accidents?

A: Many of bicycles accidents occur during hours of going to school or to work, and more than 70% of them occur in intersections. The most frequent cause is neglecting safety confirmation, and many of the accidents could have been prevented by confirming safety of the surroundings at the intersection. Ride a bicycle, keeping yourself calm and confirming safety.


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