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Soka City

Special Health Check-up Recommended

Update : 2022-8-22

Soka City conducts special health check-up to prevent lifestyle-related diseases.
Have a check-up every year to stay healthy for yourself and for your family.

Eligible people

Those who are of age 40 or older and under 75 and who are covered by the national health insurance

Conducting period of special health check-up

Until December 16 (Fri.)

* Health check-up coupons were sent to eligible people by postal mail. (In case of obtaining the insurance between July and September, the coupons will be sent at the end of the next month after the entry procedures.)

Recommendation by post card will be made on August 26 (Fri.)

Health checkup by Soka City carries out interview with a doctor, body measurements (includes abdominal circumfence), urine sampling, blood-pressure measurement, blood test (lipid, blood sugar, kidney function and liver function and additional examinations such as measurement of serum protein, tests of uric acid/ kidney function/ urine that are not included in the checkup stimulated by national government.
Besides funduscopy, anemia test or electrocardiography will be conducted when the docters require them.

Results of Medical Checkups (National Health Insurance members)

If you, between 40 to 74 yrs old, are judged as metabolic syndrome based on the checkups; whose abdominal circumfence is 85 cm (men) or 90 cm (women) and over and besides one of the results of three tests of htperglycemia, dyslipidemia and hypertension is outside of the reference value.

We recommend having a Specific Health Guidance

National health nurse or nutritionists will help to make a plan to improve your diet, necessary exercise etc. or give you information such as way of understanding the medical checkup result, points to improve lifestyle, introducing facilities.
Also they will give you long-term guidance by having a regular interview.


Hoken Nenkin-ka (Health Insurance and Pension Section)
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