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Update : 2022-8-22

Four Key Words to Improve Dietary Life
Four Key Words to Improve Dietary Life

(1)Dietary Balance in Meals at Home

Prepare staple food, a main dish and a side dish to take in necessary nourishment.

Dietary balance is easier than you think.

Example:Grilled chicken and tomatoes

Grilled chicken and tomatoes

Step 1: Season the ingredients.
Step 2: Arrange them.
Step 3: Grill them, and ready to be served.

(2)Reduced Salt and Still Delicious - Minus 2 g/day

Use soup stock, citrus fruit, spices, etc. to cover the reduced salt.

(3)One More Dish of Vegetables for Meals at Home

Add one dish of vegetables to take in 350 g of vegetables a day.

(4)Additional Milk in Home Life

Add dairy products, which contain calcium and protein in good balance.

Delicious and Healthful Recipes

Dietary life improvement promotion members compiled recipes, wishing to share information about recommendable recipes, although it is difficult to hold cooking classes under the corona virus crisis.
Choose among the 23 recipes of staple food, a main dish and a side dish, and try cooking what looks delicious and what you may be able to cook.
The recipes are viewable on the website of Soka City and are also distributed in Hoken Center (Public Health Center), Kominkan (Public Halls), community centers, etc.


Visit the website to see the recipes.

We thought of these recipes
"We thought of these recipes."

Dietary improvement promotion members are engaged in activities to share information about healthful menus with citizens.

What does a dietary improvement promotion member do?

Soka City dietary improvement promotion members are based in Hoken Center (Public Health Center) and are engaged in activities in Kominkan (Public Halls) and some other places in Soka City.
There are about 150 members now.
They share information about how to cook locally produced vegetables and about the importance of dietary life.

September: Health Promotion Month
And Campaign Month for Dietary Improvement

Make efforts now to extend healthy life expectancy and to prevent lifestyle-related diseases!

Dietary life improvement shows its effect whenever you start it.
If you make up your mind now, today is the best day to start.
With the four key words for dietary life improvement above in mind, start improving your meals at home today to make yourself lovely in the future.


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