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First Evacuation Action for an Impending Flood

Update : 2022-8-5

Torrential Rain and Typhoon Season Approaching
To the 2nd Floor of the Building (Such as Your House) or Higher

To the 2nd Floor of the Building (Such as Your House) or Higher

Q: Why not an evacuation shelter?

Major reasons to recommend home evacuation (vertical evacuation to the 2nd floor of your house or higher)

Considering the land form of Soka City

  • The flood will not come as high as the 2nd floor or higher in most of the areas.
  • The landslide disaster will not occur.
  • The flood will not wash away houses.

Other reasons

  • You will have little stress in a familiar place.
  • You lose no time to reach a place of evacuation and have little danger.
  • You can avoid the risk of infection in a group life.

If you cannot evacuate to the 2nd floor or higher, or may think about evacuating to the house of a relative or a friend or to an evacuation shelter, it is very dangerous to walk to somewhere on a flooded road. Take actions in good time.

Vertical evacuation: 3 m or higher
Vertical evacuation: 3 m or higher

Necessary Items for Home Evacuation
To Make Yourself Comfortable

Foods and water

Number of family X At least 3 days

Rolling Stock Method

Buy foods whose best-before date is within a year a little more than usual, stock them, and consume and supplement them regularly. This method works for a stock.

Rolling Stock Method
Make additional purchase


Number of family X For 1 week or more

Prevention of Reverse Flow of Daily Life Drainage

In case roads around a building are flooded, reverse flow of water may occur from the drainage of the bathroom or from toilets. Water-sac will prevent reverse flow.


How to make water-sacs
(1)Prepare two garbage bags (45 L).
(2)Double the bags and fill halfway with water.
(3)Remove all the air from the bag and tie the bag.

How to use water-sacs

Power source

Convenient Items

These may be in short supply when you need them. Prepare against the cutting-off of lifelines.


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