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Soka City

Message from Mayor Asai

Update : 2022-6-20

Rediscover the Appealing Points of Soka

Businesses, including travel industries and restaurants, received a large blow caused by COVID-19 during the past two years.
Above all, the national and prefectural governments made many requests to restaurant business operators, such as closure and shortened business hours, so as to prevent the spread of infection.
We express our heart-felt gratitude to the business operators for their cooperation.
The number of people infected with COVID-19 is on the decline at present, thanks to your cooperation.
Because of this, I feel that economic activities are resumed and streets are becoming lively little by little.
I believe that restaurant businesses are a barometer of the liveliness of town.

Soka City has long-established restaurants and new cafes which are opened one after another by renovation.
These days I hear that Soka is a highly competitive marketplace of Chinese noodles.
When I try visiting some stores, I notice various ingenuities as well as good taste, and feel energized.

I plan to walk around streets in the city to rediscover the appealing points and resources of town, such as restaurants, which will be a great pleasure of mine.

Mayor Asai