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Discard Combustible/Dangerous Substances Properly

Update : 2022-6-20

Make sure to separate those substances

Sparay cans, devices with built-in batteries caused fires at a recycling center where non-burnable waste sorters or in garbage trucks.
It is important to sepate the dangerous materials and discard properly.

Please put each type of dangerous goods (see the table below) in a transparent bag and put them at the collection point.

Thank you for your cooperation in disposing of garbage by proper sorting ans smooth collecting.

Sparay cans, Lighters

Be sure to use up the contents without making a hole and put at the collection point.
Contact us if you cannot to empty due to deterioration.

Batteries, Button batteries, (removable) Batteries in game machines, digital cameras etc.

Be sure to remove the batteries from apparatuses.
Separte and put them in a transparent bag and put at the collection point.

(non-removal) Batteries buil in game machine, digital cameras etc.

Put them in a transparent bag and attach a memo/tape "Goods with built-in batteries" and put at the collection point.

You can put game machines, digital/video cameras, electronic calculators, IC recorders, portable music players, electronic dictionaries etc in a yellow "Collection Box for Small Home Appliances"/

collection places
Kankyo Gyomu Center, Recycle Center, 2nd City Hall, Chuo Toshokan (Soka City Library), Shimin Katsudo Center (Support Center for Citizens' Activities), Kinro Fukushi Kaikan (Welfare Hall for Workers), seven community centers, Bunka Centers except Nissato and Yatsuka, Chuo Komin-kan (public hall), Soka-shi Bunka Kaikan, Ito Yokado (Soka and Shinden)


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