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COVID-19 Support Subsidy for Self-reliance

Update : 2022-6-20

Subsidy to support the people who have economic difficulties due to COVID-19
The household who has already applied and borrowed "Sougou Shien-shikin Tokurei Kashitsuke (Special Comprehensive Support Funds)" two times, but have still difficulties in everyday life can apply this subsidy by the Social Welfare Council.
Application period is extended until August 31 (Wed.), 2022 for the first-time applicant.
Also, it is possible to apply for the second time.

Subsidy Amount (maximum three months)

Single-person household: 60,000 yen
Two-persons household: 80,000 yen
Three-persons and more household: 100,000 yen

Eligible person

  • Persons who have already received re-lending Special Comprehensive Support Funds etc.
  • Persons whose income and assets are less than a designated level
  • Person who will find a job and apply at the "Hello Work" faithfully and eagerly

* You have to visit and have a consultation at "Hello Work" for job hunting at least once a month.
(you can use internet service or ask your friends for job-hunting)

You have to apply or have an interview for employment at least once a month* (changed from once a week).
If you cannot report job-hunting activities, subsidy payment will be stopped.

How to Apply

We accept applications only by postal mail. (We have already sent application forms to eligible households.) Fill in all the necessary columns and apply with an enclosed envelope by August 31 (Wed.), 2022 (must be postmarked on August 31)


Seikatsu Konkyu-sha Jiritsu Shien-kin Tanto (COVID-19 Support Subsidy for Self-reliance) in Seikatsu Shien-ka (Livelihood Support Section)
Tel.(048) 924-2825
FAX(048) 928-6635