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Some Strategies of Soka City for Torrential Rain

Update : 2022-6-20

(1)Installation of storm drain(* 1), adjacent to the Ichinohashi discharge channel

Water drainages were installed, which lead to the Ichinohashi discharge channel (Shin-ei 4-chome), so as to prepare more passages of rain water flowing to rivers and to improve drainage of the areas having a large risk of collecting water.
(* 1) A storm drain is an underground water discharge channel to drain off rain water.


(2)Installation of balloon crossing gates to prevent accidents caused by flooding

To prevent vehicles from entering into flooded roads, balloon crossing gates are installed at the underpass(* 2) of Yatsuka, which works automatically when it detects the flooding of 15 cm deep.
(* 2) An underpass is an underground passage crossing with a railway or other routes.


(3)24-hour flood fighting activities in times of emergency

In case of typhoons and torrential rain, city employees operate the drainage pump station, go on patrol and execute traffic restrictions.
They also make sandbags.

Watch the Video to Prepare against Flood

A video is being transmitted to give information about dangerous places and actions to take in times of flood as well as proactive preparation.
You will learn more if you watch the video with the hazard map.
Remind yourself of what to do in case of emergency and of preparative measures for flood, making use of the video and the hazard map.

Video to raise awareness about flood damage


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