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Soka City

Registration Procedures

Update : 2022-5-6

Go through the registration and following procedures below for the Soka City Official LINE, Soka Information E-mail and the Soka City Official Twitter account.
You are recommended to register one of the LINE or the Information E-mail, additionally following the Twitter.

Soka City Official LINE

Register as a friend via ID search with "@city_soka" or via the QR code.
LINE QR code

Access the URL by pressing "届く情報をえらぶ(Choose what information to receive)" in the menu.

Choose the distribution categories to complete registration.

Soka Information E-mail

Send a blank E-mail to t-soka@sg-p.jp.

For smartphones
For smartphones

For flip phones
For flip phones

Access the URL in the return E-mail.

Choose the distribution categories to complete registration.

Soka City Official Twitter account

User name: @city_soka
URL https://twitter.com/city_soka

Soka City Official Twitter

In the Great East Japan Earthquake, which occurred in 2011, SNS such as Twitter was a convenient tool to gain information.
Prepare to receive information in a number of means, besides phone or E-mail, in case of emergency.

You are recommended to follow in advance trustworthy organizations on Twitter besides Soka City.

  • Disaster prevention information by the Meteorological Agency (@JMA-bousai)
  • Twitter Life Line (@TwitterLifeLine), etc.


Koho-ka (Public Information Section)
Tel.(048) 922-0549
FAX(048) 922-3041