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City Newspaper Extra Edition April 20, 2022

Remind Yourself of Infection Prevention Measures

The sixth wave which started in January is showing double-fold expansion, compared to previous infection waves.
The number of people tested positive is on the decline since mid-February, but still many are tested positive and explosive increase may occur again.
Remind yourself of infection prevention measures and prepare for home remedy so as to prevent the spread of infection.

The Number of Infected People in Soka City

From April 2021 to March 2022
Totalization based on the information from Saitama Prefecture and Koshigaya Public Health Center

The 5th Wave

The number of infected people per day
At the peak in the 5th wave (August 10): 171

July 16 ~ September 30, 2021
COVID-19 pre-emergency status and acute emergency periods

The 6th Wave Not Over Yet

The number of infected people per day being record-high (February 3): 533

January 21 ~ March 21, 2022
COVID-19 pre-emergency status period

Three Things We Can Do Now
Common Measures for Earthquake, Flood and Power Cut

(1)Prepare Dailly Necessities

Store foods, drinking water and commodities at home to prepare for the possibility of home remedy.

Internet supermarket is convenient.

Make registration beforehand so that you can use it anytime.

(2)Take care of yourself regularly

Make it a rule to monitor your health, such as taking temperature every day, eating meals with good nutrient balance and sleeping well, to promote immune strength.

(3)Remind yourself of infection prevention measures

  • Wear a mask for conversation.
  • Avoid going to places (or occasions) with high infection risk.
  • Avoid dining together for long hours, and avoid too much conversation.
  • Senior citizens and those with chronic diseases are advised to meet only with people interacting routinely and in a small group.
  • Take infection prevention measures for children.
  • Ventilate rooms at home and wash your hands frequently.

Visit the website of Soka City for the period of home remedy and examples of stock.

What Should We Do When We Are Possibly Infected by COVID-19?

The content of this flow chart is as of April 1, 2022.
The content is subject to change, including the criteria of the end of home remedy.

Visit the website of Saitama Prefecture for the details about countermeasures at the time of infection. Search "ご自身や身近な人が新型コロナに感染したときの対応 (Countermeasures in case you or people close to you are infected with COVID-19)."

(1-A)Those without symptoms but with anxiety

If you wish to have a test…

Search "埼玉県PCR検査等無料化事業 (Saitama Prefecture Project to make PCR tests free of charge)" on the website of Saitama Prefecture.

Consultation desk for making PCR tests free of charge
* Go to a medical institution if you are tested positive.

(1-B)Those with symptoms of cold, such as fever
Close contacts

Talk to your family doctor on the phone.

If you do not have a family doctor

Search where to seek diagnosis on the searching system of designated medical and testing institution of Saitama Prefecture, and make a reservation on the phone in advance.

If you are at a loss where to seek diagnosis

Saitama-ken Jushin Sodan Center (Saitama Prefecture consultation center of diagnosis)
Tel.(048) 762-8026

Kansensho Kenmin Support Center (Prefectural support center of Infection disease)

(2)Take the PCR test.

It takes a few days to receive the result.
Avoid unnecessary and unurgent outings until the result is confirmed.
Take infection prevention measures in going to buy necessary foods.

You can apply for the food support of Soka City when you receive the positive result from the testing institution.

(3-A)If you are tested negative

Count the later of the two as "Day 0" of the last contact, and stay home for seven days.

(a)The day when the symptom developed on the positive person (the day of sampling in case of no symptoms)
(b)The day when infection prevention measures were started at home

Shortening of the waiting period

Take a test, using the qualitative antigen test kit on day 4 and day 5.
If the results are negative on both days, waiting can be canceled on day 5.

* The testing is to be done at your own expense.
* Infants and toddlers are not assumed as users of the qualitative antigen test kit, so the waiting period is seven days.
* If symptoms developed during the waiting period, the period is to be extended.

(3-B)If you are tested positive

The method of first contact from Saitama Prefecture or the public health center differs, depending on age.

Age 49 or below

Short mail (SMS) will be sent from the prefectural office.

Age 50 or over

A phone call will be made by the public health center.

* You can apply for food support of Saitama Prefecture at this contact.

(4)Guideline of the End of Home Remedy

Home remedy may be ended when you meet both of the conditions below.

(1)Ten days passed since the symptoms developed.
(2)72 hours passed since the symptoms got better.

* The length of home remedy period differs, depending on the symptoms and the progress.
* The notification will NOT be made when home remedy is to be stopped.
* After home remedy, monitor your health for at least four weeks.
* If symptoms develop again, contact Saitama-ken Jushin Sodan Center (Saitama Prefecture consultation center of diagnosis).Tel.(048) 762-8026

Food Support

It may take a few days to deliver foods.
Use online shopping or the Internet supermarket.

Food Support by Saitama Prefecture


The positive person only


Food for one week (for the positive person only)

Application method

Age 49 or below
SMS sent from the prefectural office

Age 50 or over
When you receive contact from the public health center

Food Support by Soka City


The positive person and the family living together


Food for three days per person (including food for family living together)

Application method

Jitaku Ryoyosha Shien Tanto (Home Remedy Support Unit) in Kiki Kanri-ka (Crisis Control Section) in Soka City Hall
Tel.(048) 922-0187
9 a.m. ~ 5 p.m. on weekdays

Soka City provides other supports.

  • The delivery of daily necessities and commodities
  • Lending of pulse oximeters and thermometers

Visit the website of Soka City or make an inquiry at Jitaku Ryoyosha Shien Tanto (Home Remedy Support Unit).