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Review Again! How to Taking out Wastes

Update : 2022-4-20

Sort waste perfectly

  • Wastes not sorted will not be collected.
  • When you are at a loss how to sort wastes, make use of the waste separation app (via the QR code) or the waste collection calendar.

Sort waste perfectly

Do not make the waste bag too full

  • If the waste bag is full, the waste may spread during the collection work and the waste collection workers may be forced to touch the waste directly.
  • Bind the waste bag before the bag is too full, and make sure it is not torn.

Do not make the waste bag too full

Watch out for crows. Use scattering prevention nets.

  • From April to Autumn is their breeding season.
  • Keep the rules and manners. Make efforts to reduce the volume of wastes by draining kitchen waste, by finishing all the dishes served to you and by cooking all foods you buy.
  • Wastes scattered by crows must be collected by waste collection workers with their hands. Cover waste bags completely with a scattering prevention net so as to reduce the risk of infection.

Distribution and collection of waste scatter prevention net

  • Cover the waste with a yellow net of fine meshes (large: 3m x 4m, small: 2m x 3m). It will be effective to cover all the wastes and to place stones along the edge of the net so that crows cannot lift it or sneak under it.
  • If you are using a green net of loose meshes or if the net is damaged, you can exchange it with a new one. Contact Kankyo Gyomu Center (Environmental Services Center), Recycle Center or Kurashi Anzen-ka (Life Safety Section).

waste scatter prevention net


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