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Soka City

Watch Out for Water Pipe Freezing

Update : 2022-1-24

In winter, the water pipe may freeze, and water may not come out of the tap or the water pipe may burst.
In case the water pipe is exposed, cover the pipe with heat reserving material or cloth and wind plastic tape over it to protect against the cold.
We will appreciate your cooperation to prevent the freezing of water pipes.

(1)How to Prevent Freezing

Wrap the pipe with cloth or other things.
Wind plastic tape over it.


(2)In Case of Freezing

Wait for the pipe to melt naturally, or wrap the pipe with a towel or cloth and pour lukewarm water (not hot when touched) slowly on it and wait for it to melt.
Keep in mind that the water pipe may burst if hot water is poured directly.
In case the water pipe bursts, call a water supply equipment engineering company designated by Soka City (viewable on the website of Soka City).
The expense for work between the meter and water leakage at your house is to be borne by you.



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