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Novel Coronavirus Vaccination: 3rd Time

Update : 2022-1-24

Free of Charge

The Vaccination Vouchers for the 3rd Time to Be Sent
Based on the Completion Time of the 2nd Time Vaccination

Completion of
the 2nd time vaccination
Sending of vaccination
vouchers (planned)
The 3rd time
vaccination (planned)
AprilAlready sent on November 22Around December
MayDecember 10Around January 2022
JuneJanuary 2022Around February 2022
JulyFebruary 2022Around March 2022

Vaccination Vouchers

To be sent about two weeks in advance of the 3rd time vaccination (planned)

* An envelope with orange-colored frame
* Only to those who are registered as a resident in Soka City


Make a reservation after receiving the vaccination voucher.

* Reservation to be received from December 13 (Mon)

Vaccination Venues

As for January, 2022, to be conducted, in some of the medical institutions (individual vaccination venues) and Soka-shi Bunka Kaikan (Soka City Culture Hall) (a group vaccination venue).

* Vaccination is not mandatory. It is given, based on the person's will.

NOTE: For Those Who Moved in Soka City After Having Vaccination Twice outside the City

Application is necessary for sending the voucher for the 3rd time vaccination. If you had vaccination, using the vaccination vouchers issued by a municipality other than Soka City and then moved in Soka City, the vaccination record is not transferred automatically. Make an application at Shingata Corona Virus Taisaku-ka (COVID-19 Measures Section).

Guideline of the National Government

Target people of the 3rd time vaccination

Those of age 18 or over and who are about eight months or longer after the 2nd time vaccination in principle

Vaccine to be used

Vaccine manufactured by Pfizer Inc. or by Moderna Inc. is regarded as suitable, regardless of the kind of vaccine given in the 1st and the 2nd time. (For the time being, vaccine manufactured by Pfizer Inc. will be used, which has the approval and certification of drug products.)

Cross Vaccination to Be Allowed after the Moderna Vaccine Is Approved and Certified as Drug Products

Regarding cross vaccination (to be given vaccine different from the 1st time) The rise of antibody titer is assessed as satisfactory, the side reaction about the same level as the first term (the 1st and 2nd times), and no significant difference found in cross vaccination and homogeneous vaccination (according to a research conducted in the U.S.A.).


Soka City Novel Coronavirus Vaccination Call Center


8:30 a.m. ~ 5:15 p.m.
(including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

During the Year-end and New Year

  • Until 5:15 p.m. on December 28 (Tue)
  • From 8:30 a.m. on January 4 (Tue)

Shingata Corona Virus Taisaku-ka (COVID-19 Measures Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1839
FAX(048) 927-0501