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Soka City

Helpline for the Carers

Update : 2022-1-24

November is the month for the Carers.

"Young Carer (under the age of 18 years)" is a serious problem that have great effects on their studies and future.
Helpline for the carers including "* Young carers" who care family member who have any type of physical or mental illness/disabilities is available.

* Young career: The roles taken on by a young carer are exhaustive and are carried out often behind closed doors on top of the normal pressures of a young person's life.
The care they give may be practical, physical, and emotional.
Responsibilities may range from providing practical support such as helping to cook, clean or wash, giving personal care, emotional support, providing medication or helping with financial chores.

A lit of the helplines is available at the Public Halls, Culture Center, Community Centers and the Fukushi Seisaku-ka (Social Welfare Policy Secttion).


Fukushi Seisaku-ka (Social Welfare Policy Secttion)
Tel.(048) 922-1234
FAX(048) 922-1066