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Financial Assistance for Medical Expenses to Single Parent Family

Update : 2022-1-24

Please submit a Genkyo Todoke (present condition report) by November 30 (Tue.)

Soka City supports the single parents who are raising children by bearing a part of medical treatment expenses of the household.
Application for issuing a recipient certificate for medical expenses to single parent family is required.
Please go through the procedure as below.

To the persons who have already received

Soka City sent a gauide letter and an application paper at the end of October.
A family who had already submitted a Genkyo Todoke (present condition report) for Jido Fuyou Teate (Child Support Allowance) needs NO procedure.

To the persons who will receive for the first time

Inquire to the Kosodate Shien-ka (Parenting Support Section) if you are eligible as below:

Subjected people

Mother/father and guardian who is covered by National Health Insurance or Social Insurance.
Besides she/he or her/his child meets one of the following conditions:

  • not a same household of his/her mother/father because of parents' divorce or death
  • parents or mother/father suffer(s) from a certain disability
  • a child is deserted for one year and more
  • mother/father received the DV protection order from the court
  • mother/father is detained according to the law for one year and more
  • a mother who bore a child out of wedlock

Qualification of a child

  • Under 18 year-old (until the next March 31 after his/her 18 year birthday)
  • Under 20 year-old who suffers from a certain disability (until the previous day of his/her 20 year-old birthday)

Income Limitation: See the table below

The judgment is made based on income and number of dependents for the calendar year 2020 (January 1 to December31 of 2020).
Fuyou Gimu-sha (Supporter under Duty): A lineal relative (parents, grand-parents, children, brothers/sisters etc.) who share living with an applicant (mother/father/guardian).

Income Limitation Amount

Number of dependentFather/Mother/GuardianFuyou Gimu-sha
(Supporter under Duty)
0Less than 1,920,000 yenLess than 2,360,000 yen
1Less than 2,300,000 yenLess than 2,740,000 yen
2Less than 2,680,000 yenLess than 3,120,000 yen
3Less than 3,060,000 yenLess than 3,500,000 yen
4Less than 3,440,000 yenLess than 3,880,000 yen


Kosodate Shien-ka (Parenting Support Section)