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Application for Daycare Centers for 2022 FY

Update : 2022-1-24

Eligible Infants

For Hoiku-jyo tou (New-type qualified daycare institution etc.)

Hoiku-en (Daycare Center)・Nintei Kodomo-en (Centers for early childhood education and care)・Chiiki-gata Hoiku (Regional-type Daycare Center)
Infants who need nursing as their gurdians cannot look after during the daytime because of their workds or diseases.

For Katei Hoiku-shitsu (Home Based Daycare)

A healthy infant, between 6 weeks and one years old and his/her gurdians cannot look after an infant during the daytime because of their works or diseases.

Necessary documents

(1)Application form
(2)Application form for "Kodomo-no-tameno Kyoiku/Hoiku Kyufu Nintei (Henkou) (Application for a certification of the need for nursery care and for the enrollment (change) in a nursery school or a private nursery room)"
(3)Kakunin-hyou (Check list )
(4)Doui-sho (Written Consent of application for daycare centers)
(5)Jido Kiroku-hyou (Record of your child)
(6)Teishutsu Shorui Check Sheet (* only when you submit by postal mail)
(7)Kadou Shoumei-sho (Working Certificate from the office) of mother and father or document to show nobody can care of a child
(8)Individual Number (My Number) Card (plastic) or Individual Number (My Number)Notification Card (paper) and the documents to prove your identity

* If a person who will bring the papers is not an applicant, even a spouse, a proxy letter is necessary.

Distribution of the papers

Necessary documents for application are distributed at Hoiku-ka (Child Day Care Section), every Hoiku-en (Daycare Center) and Kosodate Shien Center (Chil Rearing Support Center) from October 5 (Tuesday) or available from homepage of Soka City.

How to apply

Application by postal mail

Send to Hoiku-ka by Tokutei Kiroku Yubin (Certificate of acceptance time: Acceptance time of the postal item is certified)
Period: By November 4 (Thur.) (should be postmarked)
* Need a fee: Basic postage and 160 yen for additional service of Tokutei Kiroku

Application at the site

Period: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. November 20 (Sat.), 21 (Sun.), 22 (Mon.) and 23 (national holiday)
Place: Chuo Komin-kan (Chuo Public Hall) Address: Sumiyoshi 2-9-1, Soka City


Hoiku-ka (Child Day Care Section)
Tel.(048) 922-1491
FAX(048) 922-3274