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Soka City

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Earthquake Measured Lower 5 Occurred around 22:41 on Oct. 7th

Update : 2022-1-24


Scale: Magnitude of 5.9
Seismic Center: Northwestern part of Chiba Prefecture
Maximum Japanese Seismic Intensity: Upper 5 (Lower 5 in Soka City)

Damage Overview in Soka City

  • There was no major damage to the government buildings, public facilities, roads and river
  • Water leaks from a water pipe: 1
  • Partial damage of block fence: 3
  • Hanging-down of electric wires: 3

It is thought that an earthquake beneath the capital of Japan will occure at 70 % rate in the next 30 years, which will be a much bigger scale than this time.
Prepare for the earthquakes and think again what to do at the time of disaster.
"When an earthquake strikes" by Tokyo Metropolitan Government in English is from:

What Soka City Government did at the time:
About half of the officers were assembled and set Emergency Response Headquaarters to collect the information about the damage and those who have difficulty going home. Designated officers and teachers were also assembled at the elementary and junior high schools, which are used as evacuation shelters at the time of disaster, and prepared to accept the people in case of further damages.